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Our mission statement:

"To operate the company in a way

that actively recognizes the central

role that business plays in society by

initiating innovative ways to improve

the quality of life locally, nationally &


Integrated Resource Management, Inc. provides practical, comprehensive solutions to a broad array of organizational water needs. Whether public or private, local or global, our clients benefit from our in-depth experience in crafting tailored solutions to water, wastewater, and environmental issues.

Headquartered in Southern California, our staff has worked nationwide on projects as diverse as government compliance documents and environmental contamination investigations. Our clients range from small, niche businesses to sprawling municipalities. Whatever the job, our staff has a penchant for thoughtful guidance and innovative, effective problem solving.

Contact us to learn more on how Integrated Resource Management can help your organization achieve its water goals.


 Guidance for Community Water Systems Regarding Stagnant Water
Response to Significant Reduction in Water Usage Caused By COVID-19

"Your water resource professionals."